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PEBLO ESTIMATED DISABILITY COMPENSATION WORKSHEET For use of this form, see AR 635-40; the proponent agency is DCS, G-1. DATA REQUIRED BY THE PRIVACY ACT OF 1974 AUTHORITY: 5 USC 301 and 10 USC, chapters
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Music hello everyone it's DJ here welcome to another episode of the RC retirement youtube channel or podcast if you're listening to two million podcast ran this week I'm going to poke fun at a group that has become my favorite but playful punching bag as of late while I am going to ridicule this group I am NOT trying to be vicious please let me say that up front don't take anything I say as being a pension intently pointing out that from my perspective as a retirement services officer I see these certain things going on this explanation is going to be a bit lengthy and there will be a great many numbers involved so please bear with me I'll make it as easy as I can and of course I will try to put numbers on the screen and provide numbers of the article on this topic we'll post on Friday so if you're listening to this podcast land or just once on the writing to show what I'm describing there so this group of people that I'm going to - a little bit it's kind of harsh word that's how some people might take different people are the physical evaluation board liaison officers or peddlers and just for brevity I'm going to use the acronym peplum throughout the rest of this episode otherwise this could get quite long will be anyway there will be that much one so these people are the guides the path minders for service members who are going through the integrated disability evaluation system this is for all services peb loads are in all services and as service numbers go through this maze they have their peplos to help them sort things out for the most part peplos are a great asset to the service member but I see a little bit of misleading of misinformation going on and that's partly what I'm going to describe here the downside that I talking about is the information that they provide is not always accurate when it pertains to members of the Reserve Component I've said in previous episodes many times that I'm not insulting them but I've also said that they tend to have an active eccentric mindset so what they're saying tends to be what applies to active duty service member and not so much from a reservists on it view now some of this information some of this miss information I have - that might be on the part of the service member you are getting a lot of information from that in all at once so it's quite possible that some facts slip out or some facts are remembered slightly differently than how they were actually presented - I'll try to bash you the service member either just try to look at this from all sides so again this is how I receive the information from service members and the problem I see with it so I'm going to try to get both sides the benefit of the doubt that they deserve but it is still left to people like me and people like me are Essos out there these retirement services officers who have to clean up the mess so if we know this sort of thing is happening...